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What’s it about?

ProducerApproach is a fresh approach to create meaningful things online and offline: my goal is to give you a different view through the lens of a filmmaker – who’s daily job is creative problem-solving – on content-production, online-marketing, creativity and productivity as well as staying motivated in times of trouble and focusing on the important things so you can produce better results for your own oscar-worthy performance in any field. I want to share with you my most valuable lessons – straight from the movie set.

Who’s it for?

ProducerApproach is for marketers, entrepreneurs, creatives, filmmakers and non-filmmakers and anyone who wants to get simple solutions to content-marketing, problem solving, productivity, creativity as well as some funny and inspirational anecdotes about the ups and downs of everyday production-life 😉

About me

I like hats.

Hi, I am Matthias Ring, a filmmaker and creative-producer from Munich, Germany. Starting out a couple of years ago as a production assistant at the Grimme-award-winning comedy show “Walulis sieht fern” (It’s actually awesome, you have to watch it!), I founded kandis media – a munich based digital video production company – with my good friend Vincent in 2014. We had the pleasure to make dozens of national and international customers happy and create content for Vodafone, Telekom life Magazin, Webasto, Desigual, daily7seven, Service Factory and many others, as well as producing independent shorts and music videos. We also built the YouTube-channel and brand „24h Deutsch“ together with Goethe Institut e.V. to form a free worldwide multi-channel community of language learners and we achieved our milestones of more than a million views on YouTube and almost 40k subscribers after just more than a year. In 2017 we’ve also been very grateful for having the world premiere of our social-spot/shortfilm #ichbingenug at Hof international film festival where we tried to raise awareness for depression and mental health issues. I’m now studying at Hochschule für Fernsehen and Film (HFF) and working as a freelance creative-producer. I love making online content, commercials, short films and documentaries as well as all kinds of cool projects with other creatives in and around Munich. Also interested in the start-up and music universe I spend the little free time I have left brainstorming on business ideas and jamming on my guitar together with the people I love.


The Millennial-Dilemma

You might ask: why should I waste my time listening to another twenty-something talking about creativity, business & life? Well, stay with me – I will do my very best not to disappoint you and I will make sure you get some fresh and actionable advice, ideas and inspiration on a couple of topics – from creativity & content-creation to marketing & sales to basic self-help – that might be interesting to you, regardless of your age, sex, cultural background or profession. After all telling your story is not a matter of age.

Why English?

I’m from Germany, I currently live and work in Germany – but I want to share every bit of inspiration and love with family, friends and every single reader – filmmaker or not, all over the globe. I think writing in English is my best way to keep this promise. So please forgive me for not being a native speaker, I’m working on my writing everyday and I hope you enjoy the content you find on this website 🙂

How do I earn money?

Ads? No, seriously: I work as a creative-producer for online-video, advertising, music videos, short films and documentaries – visit for more.

I want to work with you, what should I do?

For business inquiries regarding this blog please send me a short message (German / English):

I want more, where can I find it?

More pictures & fun (we all love pictures!):

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I (don’t) like your stuff!

I always appreciate constructive feedback! ProducerApproach is for you – I want you to get new inspiration, achieve your goals faster and feel better after reading my articles. If you do, please like and share my content and spread the word! If you don’t feel free to leave a comment or write me a short email. The blog is still in development and on it’s way to find the right style and target audience: if you miss certain topics or want more on a specific one, tell me!

Thanks and have a great day! 🙂

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