5 Tips for better Instagram TV Content – Making-Of-Series (1)

Tip 1: Intro

Tell your viewers right at the beginning what your video is about, because you’ll loose some of them on the way (that’s true for all social media content). Below you see a typical viewer retention chart, so to make sure we keep a good amount of the actual impressions we generate and keep people watching until the end, I recommend using the following (simplified) strategy for structuring your IGTV-Videos:

  1. Intro – telling people the key takeaways of the video
  2. Teaser/Highlights – cut together some highlight footage and/or place a title or animated intro sequence for better branding
  3. Actual content
  4. Outro – engage users with a Call-to-Action (CTA)
typical viewer retention
Typical  audience-retention vs. time chart

Tip 2: Format

Content-Formats are an ongoing discussion: 16:9, 1:1, 4:3, 9:16 and so on, short 15sec stories, longer posts… we produce all kinds of formats for different platforms. On IGTV I would recommend publishing ether a 9:16 upright video or a 16:9 landscape with a rotate CTA at the beginning (reference stills are below), if you already produced footage that doesn’t look good if cut to fit a fullscreen 9:16 format (9:16 – called “nine by sixteen” – refers to 9 parts wide and 16 parts tall not necessarily confined to a specific resolution in pixels).

Viewers can rotate their phone on IGTV without the screen adjusting, so the rotate phone method works, but an upright / portrait format is native to IGTV because most people are going to watch holding their phones upright anyway, that’s why we produce FREIHOEFER – about Design in a 9:16 Format. We not only cut the video in a portrait format, but also frame our host and all the set-pieces and decoration in a way that looks nice in the final upright IGTV frame.

Format Samples: (1) 9:16 (2+3) Call-to-Action “rotate phone” > then vertical-upload of 16:9 video

Tip 3: Drive Engagement

A simple Call-to-Action at the end is free of charge and doesn’t take much time. Make sure you ask people to subscribe, like, share and comment any questions below to drive user engagement and make sure the relevant topics are discussed in your future videos for long term subscriber growth.

Example: simple engagement-message at the end

Tip 4: Captions / Subtitles

If you have speech/narration in your content make sure to use subtitles. IGTV and Stories are better regarding audio-use than other Content-Formats because of the possibility to watch videos fullscreen in a more immersive way – still a general trend among all social media video is that videos are often or mostly watched without sound. We still experiment with FREIHOEFER – about Design because we are native German speakers but have mostly North American users on our channel at the moment so we bridge that gap by using english subtitles but in the future we consider putting out english speaking VLOGs.

We use Open Captions with the Caption-Tool in Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Tip 5: Cross-Promotion

IGTV is still a new platform (depends on what you regard as new ?) – meaning, it doesn’t yet have the same reach as your posts and stories do, so make sure you promote your IGTV content properly. For FREIHOEFER – about Design we post short snippets on IG-Story, Thumbnail-Pics as a regular IG-Post (example below) and even a podcast on Spotify, iTunes and more … but that’s a whole new chapter I’m going to talk about in a future post.

Thumbnail/Post-CI examples for efficient branding

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